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Celebrating Over 75 Years as “The European Train Experts”

Since opening shop in New York City in the 1930’s, we’ve become the leading authority of European rail in North America, representing more than 35 European railroads. We currently help more than one million visitors each year discover the rich heritage and scenic landscapes of Europe by train. And we’re privately held, with the French National Railroads (SNCF) and the Swiss Federal Railroads (SBB) as majority shareholders. Whether you want to experience the modernity of Western Europe or explore Eastern Europe’s emergence as a new destination, we can get you there. With ease and expertise.

See the Real Europe with Rail Europe.
A little bit of planning can mean a lot more traveling. Traveling by train will enhance your entire European experience: no airport hassles or wasted time, and more leisurely gourmet dining as you gaze through panoramic windows while being whisked from city center to city center. It’s no wonder trains are so popular, so make sure you book in advance to get the best prices and most choices.

Simplicity is in our DNA
With 35 different railway systems, it’s much easier for the North American traveler to ride the rails than navigate planning their own trip on them. That’s why we’re here. We offer a unified booking experience across Europe, with the ability to package tickets from different carriers. With Rail Europe, you don’t have to sweat the details, we sorted it out for you.

And it’s no surprise that we have a special relationship with the carriers, starting with the Swiss Railways bureau established 100 years ago in New York and merged in 1992 with its 75-year old French counterpart to become Rail Europe. Over the years, these deep relationships have led to special agreements benefiting our clients. Including technology that enables us to sell -and offer- more travel options than any other vendor.
We believe in what we do and in going green
We believe traveling by train brings out our best by putting us in a serene state of mind, relaxed and ready for all the journey offers. We believe the spirit of train travel is to enjoy simple pleasures, connecting firsthand and personally with other people and cultures.

We also believe that the train is a low-impact form of travel that preserves the authenticity of the regions and natural areas you cross. High speed trains are three times as energy efficient as regional trains, but even the slowest train is 25% more energy-efficient than cars.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your European journey – and will do everything to ensure your greatest possible experience.

Proud to be ISO certified
Rail Europe is proud of its ISO 9001-2008 certified Contact Center! ISO 9001-2008 is a recognized worldwide Quality Management System standard based on well-documented and analyzed processes and procedures, focusing on Customer Satisfaction and Continual Improvement. Both are key elements to Rail Europe’s values and being a leader in the industry. Rail Europe’s contact center core processes are reviewed semi-annually for effectiveness and consistency, and have been found to be superbly implemented and executed. Rail Europe’s Travel Consultants have completed an extensive training program and participate in ongoing workshops to expand their knowledge and skills.

Rail Europe’s decision to attain ISO 9001-2008 certification demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the highest level of quality, continuous monitoring of business operations, excel above other companies and meet its customers’ evolving needs.

Our Pledge
We are all ambassadors for the real Europe which is discovered uniquely through train travel.
We take pride in our company's European heritage and are passionate about sharing our experiences, cultures, and insights. We develop our expertise and knowledge in order to provide North American travelers with an authentic European experience.
We believe the spirit of train travel is about enjoying simple pleasures, respecting the environment and connecting to people, places and cultures. It is the ease with which Rail Europe brings these together that creates a rewarding experience for both our customers and ourselves.
We value always doing the right thing - being environmentally conscious, trustworthy and accessible to our customers and to each other.
As trains do, we at Rail Europe continually move ahead. We strive to progress, innovate, and be outstanding in all that we do.

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