Toalhas San Carlos, unparalleled comfort ...

Investing in technology, design and service helped transform this families dream into reality.

 On the first day of May 1946, with 17 employees and a shed of 500 m² was born a dream: “Toalhas San Carlos”. The dream of the Abdelnur family of becoming a large textile business. The greatest part of success comes 21 years later and is celebrated with a new name - Tecelagem San Carlos S / A.

The dream, now a reality, has taken on many new dimensions. Today, Tecelagem San Carlos has 275 employees, an industrial park with 37 thousand square meters in size, working capacity of 130 tons per month, and a board that combines investments in manufacturing technology, information technology, creative design, personal service and customized and complete reliability in deliveries.

Now the company has 50 sales representatives throughout Brazil and over 5,000 active clients. Special care for a demanding public does not waive its quality policy that is committed to manufacture according to specified standards, earning the trust of customers by meeting their real needs and continuously seeking improvements in systems quality, management, processes and the production of gowns, kimonos and plush, velvety cotton towels.

The industrial park of San Carlos Tecelagem covers five main areas in which the entire towel production process runs: spinning, preparation, weaving, processing and finishing. According to commercial director Marcelo Abdelnur "Since the towels are made from 100% cotton, except for the ornaments, a careful analysis of each fiber is required to achieve uniformity in quality, as this will interfere directly in our final product. On the other hand, the dye used for dyeing must also accompany this level of quality for color and durability goes hand in hand with the softness of our towels ".

Recently, the company underwent a restructuring of its organizational framework. Led by Antonio Roberto de Souza, a new strategic plan was developed in order to overcome the challenges installed after the 2008 crisis "Today we work in two shifts, so we reach our sales target without compromising quality. We grow with responsibility and we invest more and more in technology. We believe that evolution is the way to achieve excellence by automating our operations, expanding our ability to control our products and our employees acting more strategic in the field.

In fact, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We invest in training and seek to offer each of them an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. A respectful and harmonious work place allows us to work cohesively and happy. That is the way to productivity.

At this stage in modern society, ecological awareness and sustainability are two of the principal concerns of the global community. Tecelagem San Carlos prides itself on maintaining environmental management practices within its entire operation and complies with environmental regulatory requirements according to the strictest environmental controls based on current legislation.

The commitment to the environment and renewable natural resources, including not only the capture of resources such as water for the production process, as well as other contributions necessary for the operation of the company.

In the case of water; once it is used it will receive proper treatment in ETE (Wastewater Treatment Plant) existing within the premises of San Carlos. This water is returned to the municipal sewer system within the parameters required by the state's law regarding the environment. In addition, San Carlos has a solid waste system and waste classification management which sends the waste to proper disposal, according to current legislation. "Our environmental management practices constitute one of the largest agreements among the members of our board of directors, aligning with what is most modern in ethics and ecology and sustainability," concludes Abdelnur.

Dreaming, fighting, overcoming challenges and achieving the goals are the attitudes that accompany the Abdelnur family since young Miguel landed in the port of Santos on January 1, 1914 until today. So, its directors see the future of San Carlos weaving with promising eyes. To do this, they invest in the renewal of the industrial park with modern machinery, they believe in the quality and productivity with a plan to reinvest in exporting their products. "Exports have always been our discipline, because Europe is very demanding on quality, we learn to work with this parameter and transfer it to our domestic market in the same form," says Marcelo.

Additionally, San Carlos has planned for the future, a new market position with increasingly sophisticated products and expanding its target audience. The idea is always evolving, combining tradition with innovation. "We are and always will be a family business, with values and well defined purposes. As a family, we face challenges and today we have the drive and focus to continue to move forward. We believe that the path to achieving sustainability is to row in the same direction. United and happy, perpetuating this dream of our grandfather and building for future generations a solid company that supports the headwinds and reaches its destination in the textile market”. Marcelo Abdelnur, commercial director concludes.

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