One World Trade Center

An inside look

The World Trade Centre is an aggregation of about seven administrative buildings, located in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A. In 1972, it was the tallest building in the world. Owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, it was constructed by Minoru Yamasaki, a Japanese firm and Emery Roth & sons. The building stood at a height of about 1,368 feet, having a total of 110 floors. Its companion, referred to as the World Trade Centre 2, also had a total of 110 floors and stood at around 1,362 feet. Both took two years each to be completed, and together they are often referred to as the Twin Towers.
Other buildings in the complex include the Marriott WTC or WTC 3, as well as others simply designated as WTC 4, WTC 5, WTC 6 and WTC 7. The entire complex cost the U.S Government around $399 million dollars; and soon after its time of completion in 1970/1971, it became the world’s center of attraction, until a major tragedy occurred that rewrote the history books.
On the morning of September 11th 2001, renown terrorist group Al-Qaeda led by Jihadist Osama Bin Laden led a series of coordinated attacks on the World Trade Centre. Al-Qaeda terrorists flew two Boeing airplanes right into the complex, taking down each of the twin towers with deadly precision. After being ablaze for several minutes, both towers eventually collapsed in a heap, and the other buildings in the complex were equally damaged. The attacks were not conducted on a work-free day, but rather on a day when the World Trade Centre was brimming with activities. As a result of the attacks, almost 3,000 individuals, including many government workers, service men, and even foreigners lost their lives.
After taking almost a year to clear up the mess of the attacks, the U.S government put together plans to renovate the site and build another World Trade center which would be called the ‘One World Trade Centre’. This new site was also to serve the purpose of a memorial for all the victims who last their lives in the September 11 attacks.
The proposals were approved, and work kicked off almost immediately. After a period of about eight years, the One World Trade Centre was completed. Also called the ‘Freedom Tower’, the One World Trade Centre as of 2013, became the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Given the long period of time it took to get it up and running, the total cost was around $4 billion U.S. dollars.
Designed by construction experts Daniel Libeskind and David Childs and constructed by Tishman Construction, the Freedom Centre stands at an awesome height of 1,776 feet, which is way higher than its predecessors. It also has a total of 94 floors; the former had 110. There are a total of seventy-three functional lifts and elevators; and is currently the fifth tallest building in the world.
An inside view of the Freedom Centre reveals that it actually has the height of 104 standard floors, though possessing only 94 real floors and 5 extra underground floors, including an underground garage and storage facility.
Much like the original World Trade Centre which was destroyed by coordinated terrorist attacks, the Freedom Centre complex actually consists of five elite office and administrative buildings, as well as a museum called the National September Eleven Memorial and Museum.
The tower also has many different power supply alternatives. It utilizes off-shore Hydro-electric power, wind power, as well as a ‘fuel-cell’ power mechanism, which was installed at the direction of the New York Power Authority.
The top floor of the Freedom Centre is unusually designated as the 104th floor, despite the building having only 94 floors. There you will find several restaurants along with an incredible observatory.
To guard against future terror attacks, the building was built not only with a super-reinforced concrete base, but also with concrete walls fortified up to a hundred centimeters in thickness. This same reinforcement was also applied to all stairways, elevator shafts, and almost every relevant system within the building. There are also dedicated stairways and access routes designated for different kinds of people and for different purposes. For instance, there are dedicated routes for firefighters to have unhindered access to all parts of the building in the event of a fire outbreak. There are also emergency exits at almost every corner, and the base of the building is extra-fortified to withstand or repel the effects of ground-level terrorist attacks.
The U.S Government, it appears, as well as the designers, of the Freedom Tower, have obviously taken a cue from the Twin Towers and the September 11 attacks. A further inside look at the building reveals that they have actually made security a top priority in the design of the new tower. We can accurately disclose that every little centimeter of this gigantic structure is absolutely covered by some security measure. From the fortified walls, entrances and garages, the entire building is encompassed in a highly sophisticated network of security systems involving motion sensors, sprinklers, closed circuit security cameras, shock sensors and an endless list of devices and controllers that span every inch of the entire building 24/7. Security measures also include radioactive scanners and detectors for screening vehicles and machines for all forms of hazardous, radioactive substances. The surveillance systems which are closely monitored by the New York Police Department (NYPD) scan the entire building area and its links with other parts of the city.

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