Bulkmatech Cape CC ...

An African company that focuses on its customers, employees and the environment.

Bulkmatech is a company that has been involved in the production and the distribution of waste disposal system for both the industrial and residential sector for more than 30 years now. The company has been operating on a national basis for all these period. Bulkmatech has gone on to become market leaders in the waste disposal industry. It was founded by two gentlemen, both from German and Swiss nationality. The founders have gone on to make a name for themselves as they have made huge success in making their system available to the general public. They immediately began to manufacture larger machines that would serve a lot of large retail stores and bigger companies.

In the year 2002, the company split from their headquarters in Johannesburg and started Bulkmatech Cape as a separate company. This new company focused on innovation of the preexisting designs while the Johannesburg office continued producing the old designs of similar machines. The designs for their machines were originally from Europe but they have been improved and now, they are suitable for the African environment. These machines are very popular among owners and retailers for their incredible strength and they last a very long time. "Our machines are also known for their high compression strength which means fewer journeys to the dump site and in return would save owners more money" says the CEO of the Cape office, Mr. Dallenbach. He went on to say that the company has always surpassed their opposition in their offerings and this has made their company the best in the industry. The company focuses on healthy relationships with their clients and has fostered flexible deals with them especially the large retailers, some of the retailers have been with them since 1980 and consequently, their business relationships have grown immensely.

Bulkmatech also has an awesome after sales service and also Customer-centric attitude which is very important to their clients who are always in constant communication concerning enquiries and maintenance and servicing. Bulkmatech always ensures immediate attention to both new and existing customers. The company has also made sure that there is a very high standard of service within its staff and they continuously train and keep up to date. Dallenbach says he sees his staff as members of his family, and they are very close, making it easier for them to reach him and also enhances communication around the company. "Training and skill acquisition has always been a major part of our structure at Bulkmatech" says Dallenbach. "With so many of our factories all over the country, we have trained so many workers from scratch and now, some of those workers now manage their own units in their respective factories. So many of our factory workers have been sent abroad to learn, enrolling in professional courses, while some have gone for both seminars and training to increase their skills and when they come back, we make sure the knowledge gained in these programs are passed down to the very last person in our company. We believe this has been an integral part of our company, this has helped us to sustain our company and we have cemented our place as market leaders."

At Bulkmatech, They are Environmental friendly and always strive to maintain the 'green earth' philosophy. Some years back, many waste companies spend so much trying to compact these waste, but now, with the machines at Bulkmatech, it is not only cost efficient but also environmentally friendly. The major reason for manufacturing these machines is to recycle as much as possible, minimize the effects of burning the waste by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

There is indeed a future to look forward to for the waste industry with an increasing demand for the Bulkmatech machines. The company even worries that they might not have the capacity to cater to the high demand of their machines. Their machines have been shipped to virtually all the parts of the world already. Bulkmatech will continue to promote their brand on a global scale, continue to maintain their high standards and also strict adherence to quality control measures.

Bulkmatech has its eyes on the future and believes in its technology to be the next big thing. They also have plans to invest in energy machines, which is a whole new technology on its own and they plan on staying relevant in all their endeavors.

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