The Biotechnology Industry Organization

Helping to foster breakthrough technologies and products to fight rare and debilitating diseases, feed the hungry and an endless list of sustainable initiatives.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is representing about a thousand biotechnology academic institutions, companies, state biotechnology centers and other related groups in all 50 states in the U.S and 33 other nations. BIO partners are always involved in the development and research of agricultural, healthcare, environmental and industrial biotechnology products.
BIO is the largest trade association in the world which represents state biotechnology centers, biotechnology industries, academic institutions and related groups all across the U.S and aoround the world. BIO members are involved in the development and research of agricultural, innovative healthcare, environmental, industrial and biotechnology products. The BIO International Convention is also developed by BIO and it is largest biotechnology gathering in the world, along with partnering meetings with industry-leading investors held all over the world. BIOtechNOW represents BIO blog chronicling “the innovations transforming the world” also, BIO Newsletter is the bi-weekly email newsletter of the organization.” You can Subscribe to BIO’s Newsletter.

The range of Corporate members range from entrepreneurial firms developing a first product to about 500 multinationals. We represent regional and state service providers and biotech associations to academic centers and the industry. Our partners assist in making the economy become healthy by creating biotechnology jobs that pay well.
Our members are not the only ones we advocate for, our goal is to enrich the industry with education, networking and partnering opportunities. We also organize BIO International Conventions, which is the global event for biotechnology, alongside other industry-leading investing and partnering events which are being held all over the world. Furthermore, we developed BIOtechNOW, which is an online portal and also a monthly newsletter chronicling ‘ the innovations transforming the world.’
Simply, biotechnology is a technology that is based on biology - biotechnology uses Biomolecular and cellular processes to create products and technologies that will help to improve our lives likewise the health of our dear planet. We’ve used the processes of microorganisms biologically for about 6,000 years or more to create food products that will become useful, like cheese and bread, and also to preserve dairy foods.
New biotechnology offers breakthrough technologies and products to fight rare and debilitating diseases, feed the hungry, reduce the environmental footprint, use cleaner energy, and also have safer and a more efficient industrial developing process.

BIO has been organized into 4 sections to represent our membersand their intrests:

Emerging Companies

BIO works to meet the needs of small/medium size firms, many of whom don’t yet have major items approved on the market. Whether it’s to advocate for pro-innovation tax policy or to encouraging a policy and economic environment in order to increase biotech investment, BIO focuses on important issues that are affecting small companies build programs towards enhancing their growth.

Agriculture & Food

The Biotechnology Industry Organization creates and advances industry policies on agriculture and food biotechnology issues which relate to government relations, international affairs, regulatory and scientific affairs, and also public and media affairs. We work towards a clean and safe supply of good food for the growth of the global population.


BIO also promotes biomedical innovation through advocating and developing public policies which represents the best interests of members on human health. They also take away the barriers that impede the innovation by reducing bureaucratic hurdles. Among the major issues are the matters which affects healthcare related reimbursement and regulatory climate, biodefense and pandemic preparedness, scientific research which are publicly funded, and also personalized medicines.

Environmental & Industrial

They also promote the usage of industrial enzymes, the conversion of biomass into chemicals and energy, and innovative cleanup technologies. BIO works together with the federal agencies, U.S. Congress, and other international organizations in order to develop technologies that will make our environment and lives and cleaner, healthier and safer.

Presently, there‘re about 250 biotechnology healthcare products and vaccines available to patients, for previous diseases which have seemed untreatable. 18 million or more farmers all over the planet utilize agricultural biotechnology in order to increase their yields, and also prevent damage from pests and insects and also reduce the impact of farming on our environment. More than 50 biorefineries have being built across North America with the aim of testing and refining technologies in order to produce chemicals and biofuels from renewable biomass, which could help bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

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